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Taylor's Story

Taylor Wong, BA (Hons) in Tourism and Hospitality Management, Strath Union Vice President Diversity (2017-2018)


What Made You Choose Your Course?

I have always had a strong interest in eco-tourism and marketing. Strathclyde has quite a strong reputation on tourism and marketing so I ended up here. Even though I did not know much about Scotland and business study beforehand, this beautiful accident turned out to be one of the greatest decisions I have made. Marketing was my joint major and I found it to be very useful for the campaigning aspect of my job. The skills that I have obtained from the course can really benefit me for a life time.

What Are You Involved In Outside Your Studies?

I have been involved in quite a bit of volunteering work for clubs and societies, in particularly the International Society and the Chinese students and scholars associations. Learning how to take ownership of an event and coordinating it from scratch is a really fun to do.

What Do You Hope To Do When Graduating?

I hope to continue working in the education sector. Fighting for the welfare of international students, and making sure that the higher education institutes they enter in the future will be welcoming to them. Equal rights and respect are something that we all deserve.

What’s Been Your Greatest Achievement To Date?

Being one of the officers working in the union! It was a very emotional moment when I was elected. I would never have thought I could make it that far, to representing so many students on campus. I struggled with my anxiety and ADHD throughout my student life, but one has got to believe in themselves.

How Did You Achieve This?

This really comes down to the help and support of so many of my friends; we brainstormed a lot of ideas together and had a few all-nighters. Thought it could sound very cliché, but without their love I would not be who I am today and I am very proud of us.

What Would You Say To Someone Who Wants To Run In The Student Elections?

I would definitely encourage all the girls to have a try if they believe they have what it takes, as this is really a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to sharpen your skills from an all-around perspective. I would be more than happy to accept the challenge again if chances arise. 

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