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Campaigning for better student housing is a key area of focus for Strath Union.

Housing Campaigns

Campaigning for better student housing is a key area of focus for Strath Union.

No Homeless Students Campaign #NHSC

In the previous academic year 2022/2023, high numbers of students faced housing issues. This led to lots of students couch surfing with friends, being unable to pay high rents, being unfairly evited and having a tough time studying, impacting their mental health negatively.

In this new session 2023/2024, more students are better prepared and informed as regards to housing and are planning way ahead, so they do not face homelessness. This student led campaign is to advocate for every Strathclyde student right to suitable and comfortable accommodation. 

What are we asking for:

  1. Housing related personal circumstances are added as legit circumstances on why students may face difficulties while studying and quality measures to support these students are in place.
  2. A joint Union and University housing policy that aims to address the different housing issues students face.
  3. The University develops a guarantor scheme for students who do not have one and supports these students in finding housing.

This campaign is also about preventing Homelessness; you’ll be able to find up-to-date information that empower students on their tenancy rights and links to all the support the Union can provide in regards to housing here.

How can I get involved?

  • By helping to spread the word - no Strathclyde student should be homeless and there is support available if you are experiencing this.
  • If you have faced homelessness in the past, we want to hear your stories to build this campaign and help prevent others from going through the same thing. You can anonymously share your experience using the survey on this page. 

Please log in to complete this survey.

  • Join the Housing Action group made up of passionate students who want to make change in this regard. This would not be another form of extra workload; it would be a teams chat to be informed about the campaign developments and updates on actions the group would be taking. Interested? Send an email to register your interest and become a campaigner for change!
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