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Guidance and support


The first step to starting a good campaign is research! Below are some useful resources to get you started.

An Introduction to Running Anti-Racist Campaigns 

Future Learn: Make Change Happen

  • This is an eight week FREE course to help to strengthen the skills you need to work with others to tackle injustice.

Decolonise the Curriculum

NUS have launched their Decolonise Education Mixed-Media Library, full of resources to deepen your knowledge and to get involved in decolonise education movements locally and nationally. Find out more below

NUS Decolonise Education Mixed-Media Libary

Strath Union is commited to Decolonising the Curriculum. For some background on what this is, here are some resources from across the sector.

 Strath Union's Campaign Toolkit

This is your one-stop-shop for getting started on campaigns - please note that this document is being updated.