Welcome to On Yer e-Bike, a project by Strathclyde Students' Union promoting cycling on our campus.

We have secured funding for a small fleet of 6 e-bikes, which will be rented out to students completely free of charge!

Applications are now open for the first few weeks of rental. The application form below contains all the information you need to apply - don't worry if you're not a keen cyclist - so long as you can cycle on 2 wheels you can apply!



About our project

Why cycling?

Cycling is the future of personal transport, everywhere. In hundreds of cities across the world, cycling is already a core form of personal transport amongst cars, buses, trains, trams and metros. In the UK, 31%  of citizens (18+) cycle, however that number will increase in years to come, as roads become more congested, our city centres become more and more polluted, and more than ever our transport needs to become sustainable.

Cycling is also the most efficient way of getting from A to B under your own steam. Cycling covers much larger distances than walking, even at the same level of effort. A 30 minute walk would take a little over 5 minutes cycling at a lesuirely pace. Cycling is also a very good form of exercise, and can be used for everything from light exercise just to keep moving, to intense races or sportifs competing against others. Cycling, of course, generates zero emissions and is hence a very clean form of personal transport - and a realistic alternative to many vehicle journeys.

We don't want everyone to start ditching their cars or the bus for a bike, but we see a near future where more and more journeys are being made by bike, our cities become cleaner and less congested, and we all become a little more active as part of a strong cycling community.

Why e-Bikes?

We could have started with a fleet of regular bikes, so why did we go for e-bikes? Well, it's difficult to explain just how useful e-bikes are until you've tried one. Even if you're an experienced cyclist, you'll still be amazed at what e-bikes are capable of.

To understand our reasoning behind e-bikes, it's important not to think of them as just normal bikes with a little boost now and then - they have so many more potential applications. For those with less experience, less physical fitness or for groups who typically are less able to cycle under their own steam, e-bikes are perfect and can massively increase the accessibility of cycling. For those with some experience, e-bikes can encourage people to cycle more regularly and for longer distances with increased comfort. For those with experience who cycle regularly, e-bikes can provide a more comfortable way to commute at a higher speed than normal (thanks, electricity), cover even longer distances or more challenging routes, or an effortless alternative to cover short trips, without the need to wear dedicated cycling clothes (goodbye, lycra).

At the present e-bikes are prohibitively expensive, however as demand increases and manufacturing processes become more efficient, e-bikes will become a reaslistic alternative to regular bikes, and before we know it we'll all be on two wheels.


Future Projects

We are the first Student Union in Scotland to have an e-bike scheme for students - and we're proud of it. This is a pilot scheme, and we will work to see how e-bikes can fit in on campus and how they can realistically benefit students in the longer term. In the future, we look to expand this project with more bikes and engage more and more students and staff. We will always be open to input on how we can make this project a success; if you have ideas, send an email to Jodie Waite (Student Development Co-ordinator) at: jodie.waite@strath.ac.uk - we would love to hear from you.



If you have been involved in our project, we'd love to hear from you. We want to ensure that the project works in the best interest for students, so we've created a really brief survey to get your opinions.

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