Following the outbreak of Covid-19, we are moving to an Online only service. 
Please see below for any Frequently Asked Questions about this move and how it may impact you:

Student Executive Officers

Question - Are the Student Exec still contactable?

Yes we are!  On email and social media, there might be an increased volume of messages but we will do our best to get back to everyone in due course.

Question - Where can I find your contact information?

We are all here:

Question - We’ve arranged a meeting, how will this go ahead?

If possible we will move the meeting to an online service: Skype, Zoom etc.  

Question - Do you have information about exams?

At the moment we are chatting with the Uni and will send out an all student email once we have further information.


Question - Will Student Parliament be going ahead?
Unfortunately not, all events within the Union have been cancelled as per Scottish Government guidelines.  We will look to get this up and running again as soon as possible including online options.

Question - I have an idea for policy and want to submit.
You can do so here:
or email: 

Question - When will the new full-time Student Officers start?
There will be a hand-over event in June! 

Question - What is happening with NUS Conferences?
NUS Scotland Conference is taking place online, you can find info about this event at and about NUS UK Conference at

Question - When will Strath Union’s AGM be held?
This has been postponed and will likely take place in Autumn 2020.


Question - How can I contact my Class Rep?

Your Class Rep’s information is available via MyPlace.

Question - We need support for course related issues, who can we contact?

You can email Andi, Eyram and the team at and they will do their best to help.
You can contact VP Education, Eyram Ahadzie, directly at 

Question - Where are the details of the faculty reps?


Science -

Engineering -

Business -

Question - I have a specific course related question regarding assessments etc?

You’ll need to contact your course coordinator to get this information. 


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