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Strathclyde students in Mandela Auditorium during Student Parliament


Committees are made up of elected students to discuss issues relevant to that committee. The memberships of the groups below are made up of our elected non-executive and executive officers.

Education Committee

The Education Committee seeks to discuss and represent all academic issues at Strathclyde. The Committee is chaired by the Vice President Education and though primarily composed of programme and faculty reps, all students are welcome to attend. The Committee has the power to discuss issues and plan campaigns relating to areas of education on campus.

About the Education Committee

Inclusion Committee

The Inclusion Committee exists to represent the views of students who face oppression and are traditionally under-represented in decision making. The Committee is chaired by Vice President Inclusion, has the power to plan campaigns relating to issues of equality, diversity & liberation and has responsibility for the Equal Opportunities policy. The Committee also serves to create dialogue between the various liberation groups on campus. 

About the Inclusion Committee

Welfare Committee

The Welfare Committee seeks to address issues of students’ rights and welfare. The Committee has the power to discuss issues relating to areas of student welfare such as the cost of learning, student employment, student housing, as well as physical, mental, and sexual health. This committee is chaired by the Vice-President Welfare.

About the Welfare Committee

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