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Yu-Chu (Kathy) Doong, VP Inclusion

Vice President Inclusion

Your VP Inclusion works with liberation groups, faith and culture societies, and marginalised students to ensure that their views are represented.

Yu-Chu (Kathy) Doong, VP Inclusion

Yu-Chu (Kathy) Doong

VP Inclusion


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About me

Hello everyone, I am Yu-Chu Kathy, and I am from Taiwan. I have been at Strathclyde since 2018, studying BA in Psychology and then MSc in Business and Management. I am excited to work as your VP Inclusion for the second year! In 2022/23, I have raised your voices and brought your concerns to the high-level committees and will continue doing so. I have also worked on supporting and celebrating our diverse communities and creating inclusive spaces for you. This year, my focus will be to:

  • Increase representation of students of diverse backgrounds in leadership roles.
  • Continue lobbying for appropriate support to ensure our campus and education are safe and accessible.
  • Continue working with students and include your voice in the decision-making process.

When I am not working, you can find me (or on my way to) petting dogs, making puns and getting bubble tea. I also love painting, editing videos and travelling. Fun fact: I am pretty old, so if I look tired to you, it is because I am.

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My manifesto

  1. Develop and lead the Diverse Leadership Programme

  2. Review and explore ways to support students on year abroad and placement

  3. Promote accessibility on the campus and for education

  4. Continue engaging with students and ensure the relations will be maintained

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