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Yu-Chu (Kathy) Doong, VP Inclusion

VP Inclusion Nesha Malone standing in front of Graham Hills buildingBlack Canvas

As a celebration of Black culture in Glasgow, student members of Strathclyde Students’ Union (Strath Union) are launching a quest to recruit an artist to design an image of a future where Black culture is embedded in society. This image will be painted onto the side of University of Strathclyde’s Graham Hills building. 

To begin this project, Vice President Inclusion, Nesha Malone, and BAME Rep, Nathan Epemolu, are gathering feedback from students and the wider community to gain deeper insight to knowledge and understanding of Black history, contributions and culture. Responses from the survey will underpin a creative brief for the artists to respond to, with a recomendation for how they will turn this into artwork for the mural. 

Vice President Inclusion, Nesha says “Black culture and history have deep roots in Glasgow, both positive and negative. We want to look to the future and create an image to inspire and excite others to believe in the possibilities that lie ahead of us” 

BAME Rep Nathan says of the project: “this is a project which brings together culture and the arts to bring people together and join in a future focused view of what could be. Black History Month seems like a great time to begin the project, however, rather than ending on the 31st October, we see this as the start, with no end to our journey. Let’s start as we mean to go on, which is on and on, until the work is done”.”


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