Kirsty Bannatyne

Vice President Sport leads the Sports Union, including chairing committees and representing the members to the University and external audiences. They are responsible for campaigning to widen participation in sport and physical activity and supporting the development of the sports clubs.

Your VP Sport for 2021/22 is Kirsty Bannatyne
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“Hi! I'm Kirsty your new VP Sport. Having grown up in Glasgow, I knew that Strathclyde was the place I wanted to spend my time studying, and I have recently graduated with a BA Hons in Marketing. Sport has played such as big part in my university experience. Joining the tennis club in my second year, I was eager to get more involved at every opportunity. This past year I sat on the Tennis committee as the Social Secretary and on the Sports Union Executive Committee as the Sponsorship Officer, as well as getting quite involved in Scottish Student Sport, which sparked my interest in running for VP Sport. As a recreational Strathlete, I'm super excited to throw myself into this role and try to get more students involved in sport to give them the best student experience as possible as we transition back to campus!”