Faculty Reps


Faculty Reps represent students at Faculty level meetings, they find out the concerns of students through proactive engagement with PGR department reps and class reps, run campaigns on faculty-wide issues and work with the Vice President Education on university-wide, local, and national campaigns. They are critical in feeding back developments to students and the Union.


Name Faculty Contact
Benn Rapson HaSS benn.rapson.2017@uni.strath.ac.uk
Chelbi Hillan Science chelbi.hillan.2016@uni.strath.ac.uk
Sophie Gwynne Engineering sophie.gwynne.2016@uni.strath.ac.uk
Savvina Kritharidou Business savvina.kritharidou.2017@uni.strath.ac.uk


How to Become a Faculty Rep


Faculty Reps are elected positions, voted for during the annual Student Elections in March for the following academic year.

Please keep an eye on our social channels for information on when nominations open!

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