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The No.1 Be-friending Agency is a social enterprise dedicated to valuing the person and helping them live fuller...

Creative assistant - no experience necessary

This opportunity is ongoing, with no end date. Applications closed on 26 May.

We are committed to supporting your development in a way that reaches beyond volunteering, and our volunteer coordinator will help you create skills-based goals to access opportunities (e.g., employment) in the future - all while donating your time to improve the wellbeing and happiness of others. Online activities can include quizzes, crafts, cultural talks, or anything else that utilises the skills you wish to develop.

The No.1 Befriending Agency is a vibrant local social enterprise that works to reduce
loneliness and isolation. We welcome people from any background to join our great team
where, by leading activities at online events, you will make a positive impact in your
community and support vulnerable adults (18+). By taking part, you will build service user
confidence and improve their quality of life. You will also help develop the dynamic of the
organisation for service users, strengthening the friendly and inclusive environment that has
been created.

Full induction training will be given, with ongoing support meetings, and this role can be
undertaken for as little as one hour a week. We will always endeavour to ensure you feel
valued as you develop your skills for the benefit of our organisation.
Digital devices can be provided where needed to access our online events.
Other voluntary roles at No.1 Befriending include: Befriender; Digital Champion (IT support);
Outreach in your Community; Peer Supporter; Trainers; Event Leads; Researcher; Artistic
Assistant; Supporter Engagement. These varied activities are flexible and can fit in with your
busy lifestyle.

Contact Name

Benefits to self

Build confidence Work on communication skills

Benefits to others

Help reduce isolation be supporting group befriending virtual events.



Training available

Excellent support and induction training is provided to all volunteers. Includes: *Initial Induction Core Training: - Intro to the No.1 Befriending Agency –Safeguarding - Policies & Procedures *Relevant training specific to the individual role *Weekly support and supervision, and quarterly evaluations.

Hours per week


PVG required


Support and supervision details

Support and supervision sessions will regularly be provided during your time volunteering with No.1
  • TypeBefriending, Community Arts, Elderly People

Employability skills

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