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Delivering training on a Digital Climate Change Learning Package

This opportunity is ongoing, with no end date.

Working with? The Verdancy Group, we have created an online learning package for young people to learn about the climate emergency; the impact we as individuals have and the career opportunities in the new green and circular economy.

Time commitment : 4 Hours in total per community group


The learning package is formed of a series of bite-size online learning modules covering My Climate Impact, My Climate Opportunity, and My Climate Commitment: 

  • My Climate Impact allows young people to learn and understand their own impact on the environment, how climate change affects them and what their individual carbon footprint is.
  • My Climate Opportunity takes the learner on a journey, asking them to look at the climate emergency as an opportunity for them and to understand what jobs and career paths the new green and circular economy will bring them and the skills needed for such roles.
  • My Climate Commitment presents the full range of commitments that young people can choose to make an impact in their home or community.


Dates for involvement: Ongoing

These opportunities are highly dependent on the timescales and interest set by community groups, and they will run indefinitely. If you are interested in supporting, please email to be added to our bank of volunteers.

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