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Move On Scotland work with vulnerable young people and people affected by homelessness to help them unlock their untapped potential...

Mentor for young people

This opportunity is ongoing, with no end date.

We match volunteer mentors to vulnerable young people aged 14-25 to support them to achieve goals and reach their full potential. Mentors and young people meet once a week to work together towards a goal of the young person’s choice. Young people often choose recreation or leisure goals, such as learning to play guitar, boxing lessons or taking a cookery class. The young people we support are displaying “at risk” signs. These signs may include poor performance at school, truanting, offending, welfare issues, lack of positive social networks, anxiety or being bullied. The role of a volunteer mentor is to provide a supportive relationship to help a young person achieve a realistic goal of their choice. The emphasis is to connect the young person with social, cultural and leisure opportunities, then support them to build their confidence, skills, potential and positive social networks. Mentors also often support and assist the young person to maintain, re-engage with or seek out education, training and employment opportunities.

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Benefits to self

Improve your confidence, better your sense of purpose in life, boost your CV, enhance your leadership and management skills, learn new skills and have fun, feel good factor.

Benefits to others

Provide a supportive relationship to help a young person achieve a realistic goal of their choice; connect them with social, cultural and leisure opportunities; build their confidence, skills and positive social networks; encourage them to engage with education, training or employment opportunities.



Training available

We will provide extensive training before you are matched with a young person, so you feel completely ready for your new role. After you have been matched with a young person, one of our team will take you both out a couple of times so you can get to know each other. We will provide ongoing support to both you and the young person.

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Support and supervision details

PVG paid for by Move On. Ongoing support provided to both you and the young person by a set staff member.
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