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The INCLUDED project is a community project which helps people with learning difficulties to access opportunities within the community which...

Social support volunteer - group work with disabled adults

This opportunity is ongoing, with no end date.

The INCLUDED project, which runs out of the Yoker Community Campus in north-west Glasgow, is looking to recruit enthusiastic social support volunteers to help local disabled participants take part in our daily activities. The project aims to include participants in ordinary activities in ordinary places, and provide them with social support, as well as less structured social time, all of which they may not ordinarily find easy to access. We do this in a person centred way. In other words, we focus on the ways in which our service users want support on their own terms. We run workshops and activities from upcycling and crafts, woodworking, cooking classes, numeracy and literacy sessions, allotment gardening, fitness classes, dance classes and group outings. If helping others to get stuck into these exciting opportunities in a way that works for them sounds like something you'd be good at, this might be the opportunity for you. It would be great if you have had prior experience of working with disabled adults, but don't worry if you don't so long as you have an accepting, supportive and non-judgemental attitude and a willingness to help and learn, you'll fit right in. A good grasp of English and ability to overcome communication issues are also a must. Our group-work sessions run from 10/10.30am until 1/2.30pm depending on the day, and we are particularly keen to recruit new volunteers for our busiest days on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, although our sessions run every weekday. There's something different on every day, so activities volunteers would be supporting would change accordingly. Volunteers would work with our service users for a whole, or most of a session at least once a week, ideally on the same days each week, so that we can provide a sense of consistency and familiarity to our service users, for whom this is very important. We strongly believe everyone should have access to the opportunities, skills and abilities that they need to develop themselves and lead full lives as part of their community. If you would like to be a part of making this happen for local people with additional needs, we'd love to have you on board! We'll start you off with a taster session or two after a brief induction, and get you started on regular days if we’re a good fit for each other.

Contact Name

Mr Alaric Kime (Volunteer Coordinator)

Benefits to self

- improved hands on communication skills - increased awareness and understanding of disabilities - improved abilities to work as part of a varied team - experience working with participants with additional needs - experience working in the third/charity/NGO sector - experience with group-work

Benefits to others

- increased sense of social integration, community cohesion and reduced social isolation for participants with additional needs - challenging stigma, and misunderstanding of disabilities and people with additional needs - helping participants access skills and opportunities they often don't have


Yoker Community Campus

Training available

In house-role specific training for group work and social support role, in addition to the possibility of bespoke external training on a case by case basis.

Hours per week


PVG required


Support and supervision details

Ongoing support, supervision and development will be provided via the volunteer coordinator, tailored to the individual volunteer.
  • TypeCommunity Arts, Education, Health and Wellbeing, Integration, Learning Disability, Mental Health, Peer Support, Physical Disability, Widening Access

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