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Volunteer Mentor

This opportunity takes place between 11 Sep 2019 and 30 Jun 2020. Applications closed on 30 Jun.

One of TimeBank's new exciting projects, Shoulder to Shoulder Online, offers one to one volunteer mentor support for ex-Service men and women (mentees) living in Scotland who are recovering from mental health issues or having difficulty adjusting to civilian life – and support for families too. We know that volunteer mentoring can be a powerful tool. Volunteers provide online video support, guidance, assistance and signposting to help veterans and families (mentees) meet personal and practical goals. This could be to, manage their finances, take exercise, sort out housing issues, reduce social isolation, enhance confidence, focus on routine and structure and lead on their own recovery plans to take control of and lead independent lives. Volunteer mentors provide support one or twice per weeks for three to six months, either during the day, evening or weekend, so it's really flexible.

Contact Name

Ali Smith

Benefits to self

Training provides volunteers with the confidence and skills on how to support veterans and family members (mentees) to set goals to help them life make life changes. Mentors also gain knowledge of agencies that mentees can be signposted to for additional support.

Benefits to others

Veterans and family members (Mentees) are supported in their transition to civilian life. Social isolation is reduced, confidence and self esteem is enhanced and they gain knowledge and understanding of support agencies and how they can help, as well as opportunities? open to them.

Training available

Mentor training, is free, takes place over one day and we provide training and travel expenses. Volunteers are trained how to use an easy online video platform to provide support once or twice per week. You don’t need experience of working with the armed forces community, however we would like applicants to be over the age of 21 years.

Hours per week

2 hours per week

PVG required


Support and supervision details

Volunteers are provided with one to one supervision support from the start of the induction process, before, during and after training and throughout their time as a volunteer mentor. People volunteer for many reasons and this is taken in to account during their experience with TimeBank.
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