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Ellie's Story

Ellie Swanston

3rd Year History and Social Policy

Volunteering for: Girlguiding Rainbow Unit, Volunteer Tutors Organisation, Girl Up Strathclyde

I volunteer at several different places throughout Glasgow. I volunteer as a leader in training at a Rainbow unit, and I’ve been there since October 2018. I used to volunteer with a unit when I lived at home and decided to continue at uni! I also volunteer for the Volunteer Tutor organisation, which I have done since November 2019. I’ve been a part of Girl Up Strathclyde since 1st year, and this year I took over as President.

I decided to volunteer because I wanted to meet more people in Glasgow, and it’s something I’ve always done. I took a year of volunteering at Rainbows when I first came to uni and I found that I really missed it! I decided to volunteer as a tutor as I hope to become a teacher and its great experience which allows me to help people at the same time!

Volunteering while studying has been difficult at times, especially during exams, but everyone has always been understanding. It’s meant that I’ve gone to places in Glasgow and the wider area that I would have never been to if I didn’t volunteer. I’ve also met a lot of people that I wouldn’t meet within the university.

My favourite part of volunteering is definitely being able to escape the university mindset for a couple of hours a week, it helps me to relax and feel more connected with the community.

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