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Holly's Story - Leading the Welcome Team





Name: Holly Hill

Studying: 4th Year Biomolecular Sciences

Volunteering: Welcome Team Member, Welcome Team Leader, Vice President of the Biomedical Society.

I signed up for the Welcome Team in 2019 not knowing anyone else, or much about the union itself. But from the first introduction session I was hooked. The union did an amazing job of creating an incredibly positive environment where you feel so welcome.

It was a lot of hard work but its over before you know it as even though you’re working, you’re having too much fun to notice (the free pizza is good motivation too). Even though it’s only a week long event, I got to know everyone in our little team so well as we spent all day every day helping out freshers, setting up stalls and generally just being around in case anyone needs us. Once you get your Welcome Team T-shirt on all the fun yet slightly embarrassing things seem so easy to do, such as running around the campus in a silent disco while dancing!

I came back for a second year as a Team Leader which had different challenges as everything was online but the Union and its Welcome Team outdid themself and did an amazing job making students feel less isolated during a hard time. If I get the opportunity I will definitely be back again!

Through the Welcome Team I met some people from the Biomedical Society and they encouraged me to come to some events, and with the confidence Welcome Team had gave me I decided to go. A year later I am Vice President of the Society and have met so many amazing people because of it.

I really recommend trying out getting involved as its made my university experience so much more amazing!

Applications to join the Union Welcome Team are open from May to end of August every year. Keep an eye on our Volunteering Opportunities, or set up a volunteering profile and tick 'student community' to be notified by email.

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