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Kye's Story - Going from 0 to 100 for the Student Community





Hi, I am Kye from Malaysia and I am currently a Year 2 Data Analytics student. I am excited to share my volunteering story with you and I encourage you to be involved in volunteering as well!

Strathclyde Students’ Union – Welcome Team 2020/21

This opportunity came about when my friend asked me if I would like to join the team since she was going to sign up for it as well. Regretting the fact that I was not actively involved in any activities besides studying in Year 1, I decided to take a leap of courage and signed up for the Welcome Team. I am glad that I made the decision to join as I learnt to be more confident by stepping out of my comfort zone. The Welcome Team training was fun, we played mini games and got to know each other better. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and having to go through quarantine, I missed out on volunteering in-person at the halls, but I managed to contribute to the team by helping out at the Faculty Speed Meeting (Engineering), in which we had more than 100 attendees, as well as hosting a Games Night, which had around 20 attendees. I was nervous at first, and spent a few days planning the event as this was my first event I would be hosting, and it was to be hosted virtually as well. Nonetheless, I had fun hosting the event, it was an unforgettable experience just by looking at the smiles on everyone’s faces and knowing that the event brought laughter & happiness to someone’s Friday night.

Clubs and Societies

President of Strathclyde Female Coding Society (Sept 2020 – present):

As a president, I improved my skills in planning events and in managing our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Through taking part in online courses and networking events, I got to know more professionals in the tech/computer science industry, and reached out to them to invite them as guest speakers, hoping that our society members will benefit from the talks that we have organised. I have also learnt to promote our events better through emailing departments and other societies, as well as posting on our pages. Previously, I have hosted talks on Core Software Design Skills, Internship Experience at Google and Career Insights as a Software Developer, where I have invited different guest speakers to speak to the society. Recently, I have also been working on promoting a collaboration event with Glasgow Uni Society for Women in Tech (GU SWiTCH). It would be a lie if I were to say I did not struggle with time-management at all, but these experiences definitely pushed me to work on it.

Treasurer of Strathclyde University Malaysian Society (SUMSOC) (Sept 2020 – present):

We played Among Us in the Welcome Meeting and had so much fun! Our society is looking forward to collaborating with other Malaysian societies from other universities as well.

StrathLoop Society (Web Development Team Member) – (Aug 2020 – Dec 2020):

It was a wonderful experience learning how to collect contents for our website, as well as how to build and design a website from scratch. Due to time-constraints, I have only managed to contribute to content-compilation work for contents submitted by the leaders of different sub-teams, but it was interesting to witness how our ideas for the website came to fruition, and how that happened with everyone coming together to talk about the progress in weekly meetings, as well as editing the website based on feedback provided by the rest of the society members.

Community Volunteering

AIESEC – Starting Feb 2021:

Recently signed up and accepted as a member of AIESEC, I am excited to start working with my team members to drive change in our communities and make an impact in the world!

Thank you for reading my story! Be brave, take on new challenges, do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone because every single experience helps shape who you are as a person, and most importantly, have fun! 







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