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Monaal's Story







Monaal Ashiyani

MSc International Accounting and Finance

January 2022





  • Where you volunteered, and for how long?

                Hear 2 Listen - 27 hours

                TEDx Strath - 5 hours

  • Why did you decide to volunteer?

Hear 2 Listen - I am a firm believer in going above and beyond the academic structure to develop and improve interpersonal and professional skills. Currently pursuing my second master's as an international student in the UK and I couldn't agree more with the concept and need of this programme. This programme is great support not just for international students but also for local students who are away from home and might just need someone to chat with.


TEDx Strath - Apart from the fact that I enjoy learning from the talks and could listen to them endlessly, I have always wanted to be a part of TED in one way or the other. During my undergraduate, our college had a Model United Nations Society which I was a part of for all 3 years. The college introduced the TEDx society just after I graduated, and I always regretted not being able to be a part of it. When I found out Strath has a TEDx, I was excited. Realized the application deadline had passed but I emailed the team showing how keen I am on joining TEDx specifically the Speakers and Curators Team. Fortunately, they were able to accommodate me, made new friends through it and now I just can't wait for the next big TEDx event.


  • What was your experience like?



Hear 2 Listen - Amazing! Apart from being able to be there for students who need support, it has been so much fun meeting other listeners and getting to know them. I have made it a routine to try to do at least 2 hours a week, enhance my listening and conversational skills and it's making a huge difference for me too. I also got a chance to go to a Chinese Society New Year event with other listeners (photos attached). Last but not least - having pet dogs around has just added to the whole experience.




TEDx Starth - So far, we have had a few catch-ups and a small watch party. It has been equally meaningful meeting other volunteers and getting to know their backgrounds and life experiences. Looking forward to planning for the big event!

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