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Rocio's Story

Rocío López Pérez

3rd year Meng Mechanical Engineering Student

Volunteering for: Kendo Club

I have volunteered in the Strathclyde Kendo club committee since June 2019. During this time, I have been the Treasurer and Secretary for the club.

I decided to join the committee after seeing first-hand the great inspiration that the committee can bring to people, especially with people new to the sport.

My experience has been very rewarding. Thanks to my efforts, and that of other members of the committee, we have had great interest in kendo this year and a lot of new members have joined the club.

This position has pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me develop my communication and management skills greatly. During my time as Treasurer, I have managed to secure new equipment for the club and organised a joint training session with St Andrews Kendo Club.

As Secretary, I have developed great insight into the running of the club and have taken part in developing the club development strategy for next year’s committee. I would love to continue to be part of the committee next year as I really enjoy seeing the impact my work has on the club.

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