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Safa's Story - Changing the World Through Activism




Heya, I am Safa, a 4th-year international Immunology and Pharmacology student from India. I have volunteered as a committee member for the feminist society since 2019. I started as the Social Media Officer and am currently the Vice President of the society and AIESEC. 

I decided to join the Strathclyde Feminist Society after attending one of their events. After talking to some of the members, I was inspired by how passionate the committee was about challenging the gender norms and discussing the problems facing women across the world every day. 

I have really enjoyed my time volunteering. One of the most memorable experience for me was the “Fight for the Night” march, where we encouraged students from not only Strathclyde, but other universities to join us during International Women’s week. 

As a Social Media Officer, I had the opportunities to work on my creative skills by making posters and leaflets for the society. This opportunity also encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and improve my communication and management skills. As the Vice-President of the society, I can put all these skills that I have developed to good use. Additionally, it also encouraged me to join AIESEC, which has provided me with a global platform to help people. 

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