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Stephen's Story - Setting the Strategic Direction for the Union





Final Year PhD Student, Electronic and Electrical Engineering 

Student Trustee, Founding Member of Strathclyde Students for Covid Relief Society, Student Ambassador 

‘A source of motivation, making friends and improving skills’ 

I have been a student trustee in the Strathclyde Union since 2018. As a Strath Union board member, I participate in deciding the strategic direction of the union of over 20 thousand students and ensure that all decisions made are in the best interest of the students and that they reflect Strathclyde values. If you are looking to develop a wide range of invaluable skills that will make you standout from other candidates to future employers, I recommend that you reach out to the Strath Union executives for further information on how you can get involved. I have had the opportunity for personal development in the areas of Leadership, finance, strategy, and communication.  

In response to aid global effort relating to Covid-19 pandemic, I joined a group of other Strathclyde students and alumni to setup Strathclyde Student for Covid Relief Society. I have been involved in the society’s current project focused on designing and manufacturing ventilator-type CPAP device. This volunteering opportunity has allowed me to engage in other projects other than my PhD and understand the challenges for delivering multidisciplinary projects and the rigorous process of design for manufacture. Most importantly, interacting with other researchers from different departments, research groups, and institutions like the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland and the Malawi University of Science and technology has allowed me to develop invaluable skills transferable to my PhD work.  

Finally, to conclude my volunteering journey at Strathclyde, I have accepted Student Ambassador role which will give me the opportunity to mentor prospective postgraduate and undergraduate international students, providing them with my 5 years personal experience of studying at Strathclyde and life offering in Glasgow. 

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