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Sam Upton
Undergrad BA Business, 2nd Year
Care Experienced & Estranged peer support network- April-August 2021, President of Care Experienced & Estranged Society- October 2021-Present

  Why did you decide to volunteer?

I want to use my lived experience as a care experienced & estranged student to help others who are in a similar situation, also I wanted to build my confidence and improve my skills.

  What was your experience like?
Being a mentor in the peer support network was a really valuable way to pass on my experience of navigating student life as a care experienced person, and I found it hugely fulfilling to participate in that. I met my mentee over Zoom throughout the summer and helped with the SAAS application process, as well as other hurdles. I was really proud when they received their offers from uni and eventually was accepted to their first choice.
Being President of a society, especially during covid has brought some new challenges, but particularly worthwhile has been participating in our drop-in events. I've also created a chatroom, run our social media accounts and create newsletters. This has been especially useful for my degree as it's been an invaluable experience for my marketing and hospitality modules.




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