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The Volunteering Discount Card  is designed to act as a reward for volunteers, to say thanks for all your hard work!

The card provides you with a 10% discount within the Union towards food, alcoholic & soft drinks, hoodies, coffee and more.

Who is eligible for the volunteer discount card?

If you’re a volunteer in  any of the following areas and fulfill the criteria, you are eligible for the card.

  • Community Volunteering.

Logged 20 volunteering hours at, or logged 10 hours and provided a volunteer story.

  • Clubs & Societies.

Committee Member of a Club or Society that has achieved Active status and logged 20 hours; 
Member of the Clubs & Societies Executive Committee and logged 10 hours.

  • Sports Teams.

Committee Members of Sports Teams who have achieved at least Silver in Club Mark and logged 20 hours, or a member of the Sports Executive and logged 10 hours.

  • Academic Representatives.

Class Reps who have attended Class Rep Training (returning Reps excluded), at least one Strath Union Education Committee and a relevant University committee (e.g. student staff liaison committee), and logged 8 hours.
Faculty Reps who have attended at least one Faculty Rep lunch, at least one Faculty Committee meeting, at least one Educational Committee meeting, and logged 10 hours. 

  • Student Trustees.

Attendance required at two Trustee Board meetings of the year and hours logged for the meetings.

  • Fresher's Welcome Team and Sports Squad.

Volunteer for at least 20 hours over the time that Welcome Teamers and Sports Squad are required. 

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