New Student Union coming next year!

Now that we have entered 2019 we are only 18 months away from moving into a new student union building at the heart of the campus. From September 2020 the Students’ Union will be open for business and we’re looking for your views and opinions to make sure we don’t forget anything! We are looking for your feedback on the current designs and for you to share your ideas and best practice with us to make sure we have the best Union in the country!
You can click here to find out what your new Union will look like.
VR Model of New Building Exterior
Our new location, in the Colville Building, will give the Union street level access spread over 2 floors. All of the services you currently find on level 7 will be available on the ground floor of the new building, alongside our Advice Hub, a welcoming reception area, coffee shop and areas for stalls, bake sales and exhibits. There will be a 100+ capacity debates chamber, media office and bookable space on the ground floor for clubs and societies. 
On the second floor we will have a large bookable space accommodating approximately 300 people, smaller meeting rooms, a café/bar, sports bar, food trucks and performance spaces all set amongst an outdoor backdrop – imagine a sunny day in Glasgow (if you can). We’re looking to bring the outside inside and create a space where our students can spend their time in between classes as well as in the evenings and at the weekends. Our aim is to make the Union your campus living room and a place where you can meet with friends, study in a stimulating environment and enjoy great local food and drink with live music and events throughout the week.
VR Model of New Building Interior
The new Union location also offers outdoor seating opportunities and event space, particularly as the University is working to pedestrianise large parts of the campus.  Having a base in the Colville building provides the additional opportunity to book rooms throughout the Colvlille and Architecture building which will provide additional usable space for clubs and societies.
We've already started looking over concepts for your new Union. However, what we’re looking for as part of this consultation is to hear from you on the designs so far and to hear about the needs of your clubs and societies as well as from individual students. What should the new Union offer to enhance your experience as a student at Strathclyde University?
Please look over the drawings below and provide any comments on the form at the bottom of this page.

Click on the drawings to view full size pdf:

Attachment 01Attachment 02

Thomas Craig
4:46pm on 19 Nov 19 Will it also provide personal services like the barber's and enough rooms for different clubs/societies and an area similar to the student parliament?
Johanna Neumair
5:30pm on 12 Feb 19 What about the Clubs and Society Storage rooms previously level 10? Will there be replacements in either the new union or Colville in general? The current space is already very tight, with more than 3 or 4 clubs sharing one. Maybe bookable club lockers in different sizes could be a thing?
. Joceline Edwina Teja
12:04pm on 8 Feb 19 Being on the hill, will it be wheelchair accessible?
Sophie Gribben
6:38pm on 31 Jan 19 The entrance hall seems like it will become an echo chamber
Fergus Hempel
11:11am on 31 Jan 19 Can we have a snooker table as well as the pool ones? Maybe a dart board too
Joshua Simpson
9:16am on 29 Jan 19 Could we have a couple of library book return stalls? It would be great to be able to return library books here.
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