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Union President making speech at Elections 2022 results

Democracy Convenor Job Role

Democracy Convenor

The Democracy Convenor has an important role in ensuring students have a say in how their Union is run and that elected representatives are held to account. They Chair Student Parliament meetings which include Student Executive accountability and debates on policy submissions and aim to increase engagement in student democracy.

Term: March 2022 to March 2023
Honorarium: £600 (paid in instalments at end of Semester 1 and Semester 2)
Time Commitment: approx. 3 hours per week during semester

This role will:

  1. Increase involvement in democratic engagement.
  2. Increase accessibility of democratic processes including parliament.
  3. Chair Student parliament.
  4. Ensure accountability of elected officers by monitoring their progress against policy and manifesto pledges.
  5. Ensure communication between the portfolio committees of work and the parliament.

An honorarium will be awarded when:

  1. The Convenor has chaired all Student Parliament meetings or provided an appropriate reason for non-attendance.

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