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NUS Scotland Delegate

NUS Scotland Delegate

Conference dates: TBC

These elected delegates represent Strathclyde Students at the annual NUS Scotland Conference. This is a democratic body of the National Union of Students, where regional policy is set, governance is amended and the next leaders of the student movement are elected.

This role will:

Attend NUS Scotland conference for the duration, representing the interest of Strathclyde students:

  1. Submit policy proposals or amendments to conference as necessary.
  2. Vote for the Executive Officers of NUS Scotland for the year ahead.
  3. Speak and vote at NUS Scotland conference in the interests of Strathclyde students
  4. Communicate the decisions made by NUS Scotland conference to the student body, explaining the impact it will have on Strathclyde students.  
  5. Promote NUS events and campaigns created by policy passed at conference.
  6. Represent Strathclyde students in networking at NUS, creating connections that will benefit the student population.

Fair Representation

At the NUS National Conference 2014, delegates passed a policy to ensure that delegations at all conferences would be made up of 'at least 50% self-defining women, rounded down'. We will therefore ensure that a minimum of four delegates are self-defining women.

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