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Part Time Students' Rep Job Role

Part Time Students' Rep

The Part Time Students’ Rep promotes inclusivity on campus and is a spokesperson for all students enrolled on a part time course at Strathclyde. The Rep sits on the Strathclyde Students’ Union Welfare Committee. The Part Time Students’ Rep directly reports to the Vice President Welfare and works closely with the VPW, the VP Inclusion and the remaining Student Exec on campaigns concerning part time students at Strathclyde.

The Rep must be a part time student enrolled at Strathclyde University.

Term: March 2022 to March 2023
Honorarium: £600 (paid in instalments at end of Semester 1 and Semester 2)
Time Commitment: approx. 3 hours per week during semester

This role will:

  1. To identify issues relevant to part-times students.
  2. To canvass part-time students’ opinion to be aware of common problems and concerns and where these exist and ensure that Union Executive Committee/ Student Parliament are made aware of these.
  3. To run campaigns related to part-time students’ issues.
  4. To ensure that the needs of part-time students are reflected in Union activities.
  5. To attend training, conferences and conventions that are relevant to the remit of this position.

An honorarium will be awarded when:

  1. The rep led a campaign/project that champions part time students’ issues on campus
  2. Reports are submitted to every Welfare Committee in the semester
  3. The rep has attended Student Parliament or provided an appropriate reason for non-attendance

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