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Union President making speech at Elections 2022 results

Vice President Education Job Role

Vice President Education

Vice President Education represents the academic interests of the student body to the University. They are responsible for ensuring that students have the best learning experience whilst studying at Strathclyde by implementing and developing education policies, as well as supporting the student rep system.

Salary: £20,600
Term: June 2022 to June 2023
Time Commitment: 35 hours per week (Full Time)

Newly elected Full Time Officers are required to be available for handover and induction in the final two weeks of June.

Useful Skills: Communication, Negotiation, team-player, public speaking, methodical


              JOY LEWIS


“Differentiating yourself from fellow graduates could be the difference between securing your dream job or not.”
- Joy Lewis, CEO, Adopt An Intern (AAI)


              IAN ROBERTSON


“Leading a delegation of Strathclyde students down to London to visit the House of Commons and lobby MPs over tuition fees was one of my best memories from the role."
- Ian Robertson, Union President 2003/04


              Jo-ann Robertson


“Going back into studying, I was much more focused [...] as well as being much clearer on what I wanted out of my final year of studying.”
- Jo-ann Robertson, Union President 2000/01

This role will:                                   

1. Be the main representative on academic issues within the University.

2. Campaign on education issues.

3. Support student employability and skills development.

4. Coordinate feedback via Faculty Reps and Programme Reps.

5. Be responsible for the continued development of the student representative system, and work with the appropriate bodies to this end.

6. Engage with external education agencies on areas of policy development and implementation.

7. Facilitate input to University strategic initiatives and ensure student voice is heard in in corporate governance meetings.

Board of Trustees

This position is also a member of the Board of Trustees, which holds overall financial, legal and strategic responsibilities for the Association. For more info on being a Trustee, read OSCR’s (the Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator) guide.

Key relationships

  • Strath Union: Full-Time Exec Officers, Non-Exec Officers, Staff including Senior Management, Advice Hub, Central Services, Commercial, Communications and Marketing, Sports Union and Student Engagement teams
  • University: The Principal, the Vice-Principal, the Associate Principal & Executive Dean of each Faculty, the Associate Principals, the Chief Commercial Officer, the Chief Financial Officer, the University Secretary, the Director of Strategy and Policy, Director of Education Enhancement, and the Director of HR.
  • External Organisations: National Union of Students’ (NUS),sparqs, Glasgow Students’ Forum,  Public Officials, Full Time Officers at other institutions.

Key Meetings


  • Trustee Board
  • Student Parliament
  • Executive Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Regular Faculty Rep / Programme rep meetings
  • Annual Academic Rep Conference
  • Annual Teaching Excellence Awards


  • University Court
  • University Senate
  • Education Strategy Committee
  • Learning Engagement Committee
  • Quality Assurance Committee
  • Assessment & Feedback Group
  • Digital Campus Sub-Committee
  • Strathclyde Online Learning
  • Careers and Employability Working Group

This is not an exhaustive list

Role Specific Training

  • Extensive training and support will be provided to ensure that you are fully equipped for the role.
  • Full Time Officers are required to attend the handover and induction period which takes place in June.
  • Newly elected Full-Time Officers should check with Student Union staff before making any summer holiday plans as a lot of training is scheduled over the summer period.
  • Additional training and ongoing support are provided throughout the academic year.

Additional training and ongoing support are provided throughout the academic year.

Chelbi Hillan, VP Education 2020/21, on why you should run for Elections:

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