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Candidate for the position of International Students' Rep

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Anna McKinley

Better Admissions. Better Integration. Better Experience. Better Strathclyde.

International Students have suffered in exclusive ways due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. When re-elected International Student Representative, I plan to accomplish the following to make the transition back onto campus easier for all International Students:

  • Advocate for increased transparency on University Policy in relation to COVID-19
  • Increased options for mandatory attendance that effects VISA requirements
  • Continue the fight for lower tuition for all International and EU Students
  • Change the Student Parliament voting system to be open to all students, not just elected Reps
  • Advocate for the reinsiution of Erasmus scheme for Scottish/Int Students 
  • Support enivmronetally friendly policies 

In my past year serving the International Students of Strathclyde, I have worked on and passed the following policies:

  • Right to Congregate Act, author
    • Under Phase 4, the Strath Union should impose no further restrictions than that of the Scottish government on the gathering of students in the Union building.
  • Fair Tuition Act, co-auhtor 
    • Under the development of Brexit, and the sad loss of EU students’ right to Scottish tuition, ALL International Students fees should be lowered.
  • Time Zone Awareness by Liam Mosson, Interfaith Rep (represented International Student interest, not author)
    • Brings awareness to International Students and working students time differences in regard to tutorial and lecture time slots

More more information: Anna McKinley, Facebook, @callmemckinley, Twitter