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Candidate for the position of Democracy Convenor

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Kyle McGettigan

Working Towards A More Open Parliament

What have I achived this year:

-  Chaired all parliament meetings overseeing as chair some of the most important pieces of legislation the union has passed.

-  Worked with the democracy team to increase parliament’s online presence.

-  Overseen a record breaking Annual General Meeting which had well over the 100 people threshold.

-  Worked to allow all students’ access to parliament by making all sessions available digitally.

-   Advocated for a fairer and more open parliamentary voting system.

What I aim to achieve if re-elected:

- Reforming parliament to a system which allows for more students to vote. This will increase the power of students as union members along with giving students the voice they deserve in parliament by giving them the final say on our student democracy.

- Run events for students. With the new union building opening soon we have a opportunity to run great events at a venue Strathclyde students will want to vist. The union should host engaging events with the goal of enhancing the visibility of student democracy. 

- Reforming parliament’s digital presence: Parliament should be recorded uploaded digitally and be available to all students protected by student logins to allow for a safe and easy access.

- Make student more engaging for students: A key aim for the union should be to make parliment more engaging. We can achieve this by offering more to students who attend by running giveaways, making use of PowerPoints for policies and hosting more parliaments around important issues which mean a lot for students.