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Candidate for the position of Women's Rep

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Lucy Murdoch

Fighting for the best possible university experience for all women.


Hello, I’m Lucy, a third-year psychology student. Equality and women’s issues are something deeply important to me, so I have decided to run for women's rep to make a positive difference for women on campus. I want to raise awareness about endometriosis; 1 in 10 women live with this painful condition, yet some people have never even heard of it. I want women to keep fighting for the proper medical help they need and not have pain written off as generic cramps. I aim to help end period poverty and work with the university to have free sanitation products in all women’s and gender-neutral bathrooms, including student accommodation and students in private accommodation, especially if self-isolating.

The situation in Poland regarding abortion needs more awareness and we need to help these women regain their freedom of their body any way we can, I would like to work with the Polish population in the university to raise awareness and find out how we can help. I am also aware of stigma regarding transgender women and would like to work with the LGBT+ representative to help tackle this issue. Finally, I want to fight for awareness of violence, of all kinds, against women. This would include a more open and frank conversation about consent.

I would also run a bi-monthly virtual (for now) meeting to discuss anything women feel should be brought to the University’s attention to work on.