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Candidate for the position of International Students' Rep

Image for Princess Targema-Takema

Princess Targema-Takema


As an international student, it’s very easy to feel left out and feel like you’re not able to relate with or keep up with activities going on within the university. Being an international student myself, I know and have experienced some of the struggles that come along with it. Having learned over the years how to manoeuvre comfortably and get the best out of situations, I would like to serve in a position where I can lend a hand to fellow international students in similar situations. I would like to be the person to express your needs and pass on any concerns you may have to those further up and make your learning and overall student experience enjoyable and worthwhile.

I have a passion for people and an affinity for various cultures. I served as a student ambassador throughout my studies in previous years and I had the opportunity to collaborate with students from different backgrounds. In that time, issues raised by students were fairly and promptly dealt with by my colleagues and I, and the students were extremely satisfied as we were able to accomplish much.

Vote me as your International students’ Representative and I will bring transparency, honesty and passion, and promote inclusivity at all levels. As international students we have a voice, and with your support and cooperation, we can achieve whatever goals we set out to achieve.