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Candidate for the position of Faculty Rep Humanities and Social Sciences Postgraduate Taught

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Louise Nicolson

For support that might be socially distanced, but is never far away.

I'm standing to be a Faculty Rep for Postgraduate Taught students within the Humanities and Social Sciences faculty because I want to get experience of highlighting and lobbying for issues that are important to students, especially during this period where our teaching looks very different from every other year. I also want to help give a voice to students who may feel slightly isolated or removed from the university community, particularly the students who started on the January 2021 programmes and may not be completely familiar with the university yet. I also want to be able to bridge the gap between students and staff in a way that is understanding and respectful of the positions of both sides, and I believe that my 5 years of attending Strathclyde as both an undergraduate and postgraduate student will make me well-equipped to do this.

My main aims for my election term would be to:

  • Focus on postgraduate student mental health and wellbeing and making sure that all students are aware of the services available and can access them
  • Encourage inter-subject and cross-faculty events that will allow postgraduate students from different courses to interact and socialise, especially for new students
  • Ensure that postgraduate taught students are aware of the careers information and opportunities available at the university and can access them
  • Encourage active participation from postgraduate students in ways that can make their voices heard, such as elections, surveys and evaluations