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Candidate for the position of Vice President Inclusion

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Nesha Malone

True inclusivity requires flexibility

Rethinking participation grades - Participation doesn't solely depend on attendance, as many participation grades do. I want to rethink participation grades so that students with problems attending classes, or speaking up can demonstrate their participation in different ways.

Online teaching - While many students have struggled with having classes online, for others it has allowed them more flexibility with their learning. I want to ensure there remains the option for some form of online teaching once physical teaching returns, to ensure students with barriers to attending classes in person don’t miss out.

Liberation groups - Liberation groups rely heavily on the work of engaged, passionate students in order to operate, but I believe the union should take a larger role in supporting them. I intend to secure extra funding to allow the creation of paid positions for each of the liberation groups to ensure they have the support they need to function regardless of the circumstances.

Policy engagement - Every student who wants to affect union policy should have the opportunity to do so. I want to make student politics more welcoming to students who are not always as involved in the union and give them the opportunity to have their voices heard.

Continue on-going work - Improving the university and the union’s inclusion is an on-going task and could not progress without acknowledging the efforts of the students of previous years. I will commit to continuing on-going projects such as the Decolonise the Curriculum and the Anti-Hate campaigns.