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Candidate for the position of Faculty Rep Business Undergraduate

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Giuliano Piacentini

Standing up for you while sitting at home

Hi there everyone, I’m Giuliano Piacentini – and if you’re an Undergrad Business student, I’m going to have a crack at representing you! 

In fact, maybe I already have? Throughout first year, I have been a Class Rep for HTM and Enterprise. During this, I realised that I actually quite enjoy feeding your feedback back and so, if you let me, I would quite like to do it some more.

If elected, I want to find changes and compromises, big and small, that will make learning a bit less stressful for everyone involved.

I love communication, can’t get enough of the stuff. In this role, my priorities will be effective communication, accessibility, and support – but this is a two-way street. What matters is how you (yes, you!) are. Any ideas, any complaints, any concerns are welcome and important. We are all just people, come and talk to me. I might just be able to do something about it.