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Candidate for the position of Faculty Rep Humanities and Social Sciences Undergraduate

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Eilis McNicholl

Holding humanities to the highest degree!

Hello everyone, 

I'm Eilis and would love to become your Faculty Representative in the Humanities and Social Sciences Department! As a previous class rep and programme rep, I have past and first-hand experience in this role and have a familiaty with the system. 

My objectives as rep:

1. To improve on the communication between class representatives and who they are representing. There is often not enough communication between students and class reps, and thats because it's hard to do so! I plan to encourage more communication so that you feel your voice is always heard. 

2. Work to improve the class rep manual, training, and MyPlace page, to ensure strath reps always have the best skill sets and information they need for their role. 

3. Provide more support to class reps from their department so they always feel confident in their role and able to help students. 

4. Create methods of increasing information backflow to students so they know what issues have been addressed and what changes are going to be made. 

My years as a class rep and time working as an ambassador for the Strathclyde recruitment team will benefit me in this position. I hope I can count on you for your vote!