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Candidate for the position of Women's Rep

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Elise Marshall

Providing an authentic, modern and liberated voice for women.



Name:     Elise Marshall

Course:   Law LLB Scots (Undergraduate)

Year:        2


If I was fortunate enough to secure the position of Women’s Rep, my primary aim would be to achieve inclusivity between men and women within the university. This would be accomplished by promoting equal protection and opportunity, not only between men and women; but ALL women; regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, or social status. I would strive to create a safe and hospitable space to ensure female students are comfortable to raise any issues they have.

One of my main goals would be to tackle issues more habitually faced by the female gender. These would include sexism, stereotypes within sectors of employment, body confidence, domestic violence, and sexual harassment. They will be addressed through campaigning, confidential drop-in sessions, and self-defence and all gender inclusive anti-sexism workshops. Also, I believe male and female collaborative working can help ensure unity, understanding and education between both sexes. I feel it would also be beneficial to create a social media platform or intranet forum in which students can interact and voice their opinions and queries. 

It is imperative that women know they have a voice and are heard, without judgement. I would embrace this role and champion the opinions of women to the union. I intend to make the female students feel equally respected and involved in all aspects of university life and ultimately ensure they are proud to be a part of Strathclyde.