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Candidate for the position of BAME Rep

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Nathan Epemolu

"Step Back, Plan Together, Leap Forward!"

I'm Nathan Epemolu, and I want to be YOUR Strathclyde University BAME Rep! I'm experienced, passionate, and willing!.

Having served as President (Strathclyde Calisthenics Society) and Social Secretary (Jazz Orchestra) and Class Rep, I believe I have what it takes to work with the Student's Union and other reps to lobby for real change on (and off) campus! 


My Manifesto follows my slogan "Step Back, Plan Together, Leap Forward"

Step Back - I will lobby for a university-wide survey, for both staff and students, to survey what we know about BAME contributions to our 4 Faculties (SBS, HaSS, Science and Engineering) to inform our next steps as a university and publish the results.

Plan Together - "2 Ears 1 Mouth" - I will commit to 2 hours a week for drop-in calls so everyone will be able to drop in and let me know about YOUR concerns and issues so I lobby for change effectively! I will also produce 1 blog/report/video per month updating you on what's going on and how plans are progessing!


Leap Forward - I will advance the understanding the university has of BAME contributions to society in Scotland and the United Kingdom.

- I will lobby for a virtual tour through Glasgow' slave trade history

- I will lobby for Unconscious Bias training to be made available to all students and staff

- I will lobby for regular articles, blog posts, videos, and other media celebrating BAME contributions to Scotland and UK society through Strathclyde's media channels.