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Candidate for the position of Vice President Welfare

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Lewis McDermott

For a Safe and Supportive Strathclyde.

Hey! My name is Lewis McDermott, I'm a non-binary third year Politics student, and I want YOU to vote for me for VP Welfare. Please check out my manifesto below!




Sexual Health @ Strathclyde

  • Continue the Sexual Health Survey and explore a dedicated Students’ Sexual Health Service


Mental Health @ Strathclyde

  • Work to improve waiting times for student mental health services and provide more support for students suffering from poor mental health


Student Employment @ Strathclyde

  • Work to increase on campus employment opportunities for students and further promote Strath Job Shop


Protections From Gender & Sexual Discrimination

  • Explore establishing an anonymous reporting service for Sexual & Gender based discrimination and increase support for students suffering from these issues


Protections from Brexit

  • Fight for students in the wake of Brexit including issues regarding ERASMUS and International Opportunities


Accessibility During and Post-COVID

  • Work to make learning at Strathclyde more accessible during the COVID pandemic and ensure accessibility post-pandemic


Student Housing Assistance

  • Explore avenues for better supporting students with needs in housing and rent


Sexual Assault & Abuse Awareness and Support

  • Work to increase awareness of sexual assault and abuse at Strathclyde and provide support for students suffering from these issues


Post-grad Funding and Resources

  • Explore increasing support for Post-Grad students at Strathclyde


Support For Student’s with Care Responsibilities

  • Strengthen protections against discrimination for students’ with care responsibilities at Strathclyde and explore increasing resources for on-campus childcare post-pandemic