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Candidate for the position of Part Time Students' Rep

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Sean Jamieson

Thinking for the Future

Hi, my name is Sean Jamieson and I am running to be the part-time student Rep. I’m currently a postgrad studying a PostCert in Economic Policy Development. 

Having the privilege of acting as part-time Rep for the 2020-2021 session, I would like to continue this role to ensure part-time student’s voices are heard across all aspects of the University.  

Last semester I ran under the manifesto to ensure part-time students are given the same opportunities and experiences as full-time students at Strathclyde, I would not only like to continue this work, but think ahead to the future so that the lessons of the current lockdown aren’t forgotten.  

As we begin to recover from the current pandemic and some form of normality eventually returns to student life; it is important that we use the experience of distanced learning to ensure the University meets the needs of students and remaining flexible and inclusive.   

Going forward we must ensure that student life ensures no one is left behind, to achieve this I would ensure:

• awareness of financial support available to students is increased especially as business support (such as furlough) begins to be withdrawn;  

• facilitates regarding sexual and mental health are able to cope with potential increased demand as lockdown eases;  

• Flexibility of distanced learning is retained where possible to ensure personal circumstances are catered for;  

• Whilst during the current lockdown restrictions increasing current support (and awareness) to mental and sexual health, financial support.