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Divjot Kaur Narula

A socialising a day, helps you Work, Rest and Play

Hi Everyone,

I am Divjot Kaur Narula and I am doing my MSc. In Data Analytics and have been a Student Rep for my batch. I am from India and have 3+ years of  IT industry experience. My experience of the beautiful snow we have been able to experience in the last few weeks has been really good. Although, in terms of socialising and other activities that we all had expected when we came to the University, this year was not really very good for us, but being a very outgoing and happy-go-lucky person myself, I was really through a low patch because I could not enjoy the activities of the club and society in a way we all wanted. All thanks to this virus, it is expected that the rest of our semester will also be the same. I really want each of us to get to know more people, to connect with peers and, if not the same, to create an atmosphere that looks like going to a university. For international students, a long time away from home and not being able to socialise entirely in a new place has been really challenging and being one of them I can empathise with and also take charge of reducing this impact on us. The ability to run for Community Vice President may put me in a position to give my words practicality.