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Candidate for the position of Faculty Rep Science Undergraduate

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Callum Barclay

Focusing on improving digital learning now and in the future.

Even though this year has been difficult for us all, digital learning has become an important part of life given current circumstances. Yet, there are lessons which ought to be brought into learning post-covid. Upon election I will work towards:

  • Online resources - slides, example questions etc. uploaded to MyPlace regardless of class attendance
  • Lecture recordings - these are commonly available at many other universities and is invaluable for revision during a pandemic or not
  • More student-staff contact - in some classes there has been an effort to allow one-to-one Q&A sessions (as a "bookable lab") which is beneficial for both students and staff
  • Class availability - given that the uni should be focused on our student experience, all efforts should be made to maintain (or improve upon) the expected experience, during a pandemic or not