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Candidate for the position of Vice President Education

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Muhammad Shahrukh Khan

Democratic Education - A gateway to success.

        1.Reshaping education for a successful future:

Professional standard of education is a necessity for the students to get employed after graduation. My aim is to provide a platform for students irrespective of their backgrounds and residency status to make them the best candidates for employment by introducing career building workshops and getting more external organizations involved in events like Educational and Job fairs and promote entrepreneurship.

        2. Quality over quantity:

The most foremost right of the students is to gain the best learning experience during their term time. By keeping it as the top priority, my aim is to bring to the students, the finest learning experience by making sure that all their issues from the last semester will not only be resolved but they will enjoy their learnings and will actually make use of them. We will resolve this issue from the root level and conduct proper training of Strath reps.

        3. Define YOUR own education:

The times have been hard on all the students for the past year. Being an international student myself, I have struggled with accommodation rents, high tuition fees and no on-campus life. Considering all these factors, the aim is to provide the type of education “YOU” (the students) want. By bringing on-campus educational activities for all the desiring students following the guidelines of the Government and the University. These interactive sessions will help us in defeating mental health problems and promote better well-being of students.