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Candidate for the position of Faculty Rep Humanities and Social Sciences Undergraduate

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Sohail Jafar

A Representative For You!

I am a people person, where I listen and have the passion to do what is best for my community and peers. 
I have done this personally, through my positive demeaner and outlook, by helping family members and friends in times of worry and anxiety with my positive demeanour and outlook. I am been part of the Strathclyde University Muslim Students Association, where I raise money for charities that help vulnerable people across many communities. Also, I became a Class Representative in my 2nd and 3rd year of university to help my fellow students in certain situations. For example, at the end of the semester, I persuaded the faculty to improve on bettering students experiences through my excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

My ability to work well with people has been enhanced by my time working as a Team Member at Cineworld Cinemas, where I gained the ability to build a rapport with people. When I was Co-Manager of my Young Enterprise Scotland group, I was responsible for meeting with shareholders on their investments and customers on what my group could offer, improving my reliability and proactivity.

I am a very responsible person for what I do and who I help with, as shown by my active volunteering for Miscarriages of Justice Organisation (Scotland). 

The opportunities above have given me the personality and confidence to meet with various groups of people, empathise with them and give them the best advice possible.