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Candidate for the position of Interfaith Rep

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Abdullah Nadeem

No religion is higher than humanity - Abdul Sattar Eidhi

Hi, I’m Abdullah Nadeem, a business and marketing student. Being born a Muslim has made me realize two things: how it feels to be a ‘minority’ and my extreme dislike for the word minority and what it represents. We are living in the 21st century, where people do not look at what an individual chooses to believe or not believe in but rather on their capabilities. Strathclyde has a diverse community with people with dissimilar viewpoints and outlooks where I, as the Interfaith Representative will ensure that everyone, regardless of religion or lack thereof is represented, and catered to equally and guarantee that the word ‘minority’ and the feeling associated is nowhere to be seen. I will keep an open door and an open mind since there is always room to learn and grow and be ready to act on behalf of everyone and will ensure they get the most memorable experience without compromising their faith. These are my promises:

  1. Expansion of catering options on campus

Increase in provision of catering options for different religious groups such as halal options for Muslims and kosher for Jews etc.

  1. An expansion of dry on campus events which are open to all.

Increase the number of alcohol-free events offered throughout the place and will do this by encouraging religious and secular societies to host these events.

  1. More facilities for each society

Private spaces specifically catered for different religious groups where they can practice freely (bathrooms, prayer rooms etc.).