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Candidate for the position of Faculty Rep Science Postgraduate Taught

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Iman Chaudhry

Everyones deserves to be represented properly

Who am I?

I’m Iman, a PGT student studying MSc Advanced Immunology. I’m a born and bred Glaswegian, graduating from University of Glasgow in Neuroscience last year. When I’m not studying, I love to go for walks with a cup of coffee in hand, read thrillers and learn coding!

Why am I running for Faculty Rep – Science?

I’m currently the Advanced Immunology class rep. Aiding my classmates with the obstacles we’ve faced made me realise how crucial a good representative is – someone who is friendly, easy to approach and genuinely wants to help. I believe I am this person & want to take it further by supporting everyone from PGT Science.

My Goals

  • Equal representation: Ensure all students feel adequately represented when it comes to their concerns. No one should feel alone and helpless when it comes to their education.
  • Boost rep support: Being a programme rep isn’t easy, so providing more assistance and guidance (via improved meetings & training) is needed to benefit their role.
  • Better socials: Starting a new course and not seeing your peers can be an isolating experience. Having more opportunities to meet them (face-to-face or virtually) is essential to make university more enjoyable.
  • Progress: The 2020-21 cohort have been the trial run for online learning, having good and bad experiences. I will endeavour that appropriate action is taken to improve learning, and past mistakes are not repeated.

Overall, I want to guarantee that your experience at Strathclyde is a positive one!

Iman (she/her)