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Candidate for the position of Democracy Convenor

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David Logan

Shaping Strath Democracy For Every Student

- As your Democracy Convenor, I will ensure that students are engaged with every part of the democratic process. I will achieve this through regular social media updates on a dedicated platform as well as making sure the voice of every student is heard in parliament.

- I will bring a fresh outlook to the table. I have no issue with making the changes necessary to evolve the democratic institutions of the Uni.

- In my capacity as parliament chair, I will ensure that a broad range of issues are discussed. With uncertainty surrounding issues such as accommodation and a safe return to campus, solving the problems presented by COVID-19 will be an absolute priority.

- It will be my responsibility to monitor other elected students' progress on their manifesto pledges. I will not only keep my own promises but ensure that my contemporaries do as well. I will endeavour to meet with the other elected officers regularly to discuss their progress.

- I have a natural flair for debate and public speaking, this will serve me well in the parliament chamber. I want to cultivate healthy and productive debate every time that we sit down to meet.

- I am aware that participation overall with Strathclyde’s democracy could be improved. I pledge to increase exposure of the work that goes on day to day. I am passionate about engaging every student with the process and I promise to increase awareness by the end of my tenure.