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Candidate for the position of Faculty Rep Business Postgraduate Taught

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Haroon Tariq

Business Postgraduate Taught Rep!!! Vote Me :)

Hey Everyone, currently I’m the Class Rep for MSc International Accounting and Finance. I am a friendly and a professional individual who is approachable and has a passion for education. I have nominated myself to be the Faculty Rep for Business Postgraduate Taught Programme this semester. I believe it is important to get all your views and concerns about the course across to the school and ensure that all your requirements are met throughout the year. I am really keen to hear about your interests and experiences during the course of your Masters degree here at Strathclyde University, and possibly make it better.


Being a Faculty Rep for a business school previously has valued me with great skills and knowledge about how the system works. I have 3 years of experience of being a class representative and I was elected to be the faculty representative. My responsibility was to chair meetings with over 50 class representatives and address all the issues with the senior management. I have also been a student mentor for 3 year therefore I have excellent interpersonal and organisation skills.


I will do my best to ensure that all student feedback is heard at the Board of Study and Academic Administration Committee meetings and that student views are a part of the decision making in every form and level. So, whenever you need help or have a remark or even if it’s something small that bugs you just let me know and we’ll sort it out.