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Candidate for the position of Faculty Rep Business Postgraduate Taught

Annika Ghosh

I'm kind and fair, so vote for me 'cause I care!

My name is Annika Ghosh & I'm running for the position of Faculty Rep for Business Postgraduate Taught since I've prior experiences in such positions & have developed listening & various other life skills. I've held 3 elected & other competitive posts in my school Parliament & have also been voted as a CR during my undergrad for 2 consecutive terms. I believe I've what it takes to be your representative.

If elected, my aim would be to-

1. Ensure views of all students are represented.

2. Support your Programme Reps

3. Bridge the gap b/w students, staff and union. 

4. Improve interpersonal relations & establish global connections. 

Thank you for reading my manifesto and if you've any query, feel free to contact me via StrathMail.